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Incoming President’s Message

Good morning and thank you for the work you do each day to respond to the needs of our communities. As the incoming President of the International Association of EMS Chiefs, I’d like to first thank Daniel Gerard for his service as President of the association. We will continue to utilize Dan’s expertise as he settles into the role of Immediate Past President. I also would like to thank each of our current and former members, as we focused on continuing to provide exceptional care during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue through today with our recovery from its impact. The aftermath of the pandemic continues, with staffing challenges, funding cuts, and the closure of hospitals as they continue their recovery. During this time, the IAEMSC transitioned to a bare-bones operation, advising local, state, and federal leaders, addressing top level issues, such as workplace violence, and serving on national committees that impact EMS.

Just as all healthcare organizations are entering a recovery process, the IAEMSC must as well. Our survival as a community and organization is dependent on you.

The concept and purpose of IAEMSC is clear: To advocate for EMS with a national voice, to advance EMS leadership through coaching, education, and training, and to sustain EMS by offering new EMS leaders the opportunity to work with other EMS leaders with exceptional experience.  When many of our tenured leaders began their EMS careers, the concept of providing emergency medical services to our communities was new.  Through the years, we have had significant advancements in not just the emergency care we provide to our communities, but have seen the advancement of community paramedicine, tactical EMS, participation in public health vaccination efforts, and development of useful data to guide our resources.

Now we need your help to keep the mission moving forward and sustain our program.

First, we need you to become active members again. Our roster shows a limited number of current, active members–but we know our membership group is much larger. Active membership provides the expertise and information exchange that is the foundation of the IAEMSC. Without you, we simply can’t exist. Please renew your membership today by following these instructions:

  1. Go to our website:
  2. Log in. If you forgot your login credentials, you may click “have trouble logging in?” to reset your password
  3. Click this link to see if you have a current membership:
  4. If your membership is not current, please renew by clicking this link:

Secondly, we need board members that can be active and participate. Immediate Past President Daniel Gerard will be calling for nominations for new board members, as we are in our election cycle. Please consider joining the board if you have the time commitment to assist. We have a number of top board priorities to address in the immediate future, including:

• Transitioning from a 501(c)(6) to a 501(c)(3) to align with our mission and facilitate broader public donations

• Contracting a webmaster to keep our website current and relevant for EMS leaders

• Holding our annual EMS leadership summit to facilitate the in-person sharing of information with our members

• Design a 3-year strategic plan to ensure we are meeting our core mission, vision, and values

• Create a process to sustain leadership through EMS development

• Be the chief advocate for EMS with local, state and federal partners

It’s an aggressive agenda, that won’t move forward without your support.

Thank you for your consideration, and please contact me at with any questions, comments, or ideas.

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We are made up of leaders from both volunteer and career EMS organizations.
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