IAEMSC Board of Directors Elections

In accordance with the Association’s bylaws, members in good standing will elect three (3) candidates for the vacancies on the IAEMSC Board requiring fulfillment. The persons elected to these positions will serve as IAEMSC Directors - At Large from 2014-2016. Candidates running for these offices, in alphabetical order, include:


  • Chief James Brothers, Howard County (MD) Fire and Rescue Services
  • Chief Peter Dworsky, MONOC (NJ) Mobile Health Services
  • Chief Bruce Graham (Ret.), Hudson (OH) EMS
  • Chief William Kiley, Virginia Beach (VA) EMS
  • Chief Randy Mellow, Peterborough County/City (Ontario, CA) Paramedics
  • Chief James Newman, Virtua (NJ) EMS
  • Chief Ezekiel Peters, Clear Creek County (CO) EMS
  • Chief Michael Schuiling, Delaware County (OH) EMS
Members in good standing will receive an electronic ballot via email. Voting is open until March 14, 2015.

Our Mission, Values and Goals

Our Mission

The IAEMSC mission is to support, promote and advance the leadership of EMS response entities and to advocate for the EMS profession. IAEMSC membership is made up of leaders from both career and volunteer EMS organizations and proudly represents and embraces the diversity of EMS agencies throughout the world.


Our Values

IAEMSC is a diverse, exciting professional organization committed to improving the provision of pre-hospital emergency medical care.

IAEMSC is committed to serving Chief Officers representing the many various service types which exist in the Emergency Medical Services community.


Our Goals

  • To represent the EMS Chief Executive Officers responsible for direct delivery of EMS to their communities,
  • To effectively address the issues pertinent to the contemporary EMS Commander,
  • To support the needs of patients, and providers by providing support to current EMS executives, mentoring future leaders, and advocating for all EMS systems.

Paper Submitted to White House

IAEMSC AND EMSLA Jointly Submit Paper to White House

Consolidated Federal Leadership for Emergency Medical Services

An Essential Step to Improve National Preparedness: A perspective from EMS on the front line The International Association of EMS Chiefs and National EMS Labor Alliance have jointly submitted a document to the White House that identifies the challenges and problems resulting from a lack of a lead federal agency with responsibility for emergency medical services. The paper offers a unique solution that may be possible through exercise of existing authority established under the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

“This document was developed following a presentation and discussion on the status of national preparedness policy and the role of EMS at the annual IAEMSC Leadership Summit in Washington, D.C. in October 2010”, said Lawrence E. Tan, President of the IAEMSC. “We were pleased to work together with the EMSLA toward the common goal of building and sustaining emergency medical services as a critical component of our nation’s preparedness and resilience.”

The International Association of EMS Chiefs (IAEMSC) is a professional association established to support, promote and advance the leadership of response entities and to advocate for the EMS profession. The IAEMSC membership consists of leaders from both career and volunteer EMS organizations, representing a diverse group of public and private EMS agencies that responded to over 3.3 million emergencies and transported over 2.78 million patients in 2008.

The National EMS Labor Alliance (EMSLA) was established over twenty-five years ago as an information-sharing network of organized EMS providers across the country. The EMSLA now has over 20,000 members, as a coalition of EMS organized labor groups representing EMS professionals across the spectrum of EMS service delivery models and across the nation on national EMS issues.

White Paper

New Leadership to Serve Two Years


WASHINGTON, D.C.—The International Association of Emergency Medical Services Chiefs (IAEMSC) announced the results of its 2014 election of officers. The latest association officers were seated on March 2 and will serve two year terms. Chief James L. Robinson of the Denver Health Paramedic Division was installed as IAEMSC President, following a two-year term as President-Elect and succeeds Chief William Sugiyama. The current IAEMSC leadership includes:

  • President-Elect: Chief Rob Farmer, Lee County (FL) Dept. of Public Safety / EMS
  • Vice-President: Chief Brendan Kearney, Boston (MA) EMS
  • Secretary: Chief Paul Brennan, Lawrence General Hospital (Lowell, MA) EMS
  • Treasurer: Chief Christian Callsen, Austin-Travis County (TX) EMS (Ret.)
  • Board of Directors (At Large):
    • Chief Martin Van Buren (2015), Hennepin County (MN) EMS
    • Chief Dean Wilkinson (2015), Essex-Windsor (ON, Canada) EMS
    • Chief Robert McCaughan (2016), Allegheny Health Network (PA)
    • Chief David Porter (2016), Abbeville County EMS (SC)


As President-Elect Chief Farmer will assume the position of the IAEMSC President in 2016.