June 2016 Member of the Month

IAEMSC member name/title: Michael Kass, Director of Operations
EMS agency name: Armstrong Ambulance Service
Agency location: Arlington Massachusetts
Service type: Private Ambulance Service
Number of staff: # EMT’s 145 #Paramedics 66 #Support staff 50

Annual call volume statistics:
911 total transports: 18,654
14,250 Hot Responses with RLS
4,404 Cold Responses
Non-emergency transports: 28,512
Total Annual transports: 47,166

  • Population of coverage area: 204,945
  • Square mileage of coverage area: 33

Ambulance Fleet information

  • Number of BLS ambulances: 40 BLS
  • Number of ALS ambulances: 8 ALS
  • Number of supervisory units: 3 EMS Supervisor
  • Specialty units: 2 non-transport ALS units, 2 bariatric ambulances


Mike has over 30 years EMS experience including working as an EMT, EMS dispatcher and compliance manager in private and public sector EMS agencies. Mike is also a Massachusetts Licensed attorney. Prior to joining Armstrong, Mike was the Director of the Massachusetts State Office of Emergency Medical Services and prior to that served as a Regional EMS Director; Deputy Director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA); General Counsel of the State 911 Department and Deputy Hospital Preparedness Coordinator at the MA Department of Public Health.

Armstrong is CAAS certified and has been serving the Metro Boston area with paramedic, basic life support, chair car, special operations and EMS clinical education for 70 years. Armstrong is the primary 9-1-1 EMS provider for the City of Medford, Hansom Air Force Base (Bedford MA), and the primary ALS 9-1-1 provider for the cities and towns of Arlington , Burlington, Watertown and Woburn. Additionally Armstrong provides back up mutual aid ALS and BLS response to several surrounding communities including Lexington, Winchester, Reading, Bedford and the City of Boston and provides EMS response to Boston College, Boston University and Tufts University.

The Armstrong Communications Center provides Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) service to 8 communities and Hanscom Air Force Base. In 2015, the Comm Center fielded 90,000 EMS related calls. In addition to headquarters located in Arlington that contains a state of the art communications center, Armstrong operates out of seven additional bases located throughout the surrounding communities served.

Armstrong plays a major role in providing special event EMS in the Boston area. Armstrong is the primary EMS provider for all Boston College home football games at Alumni Stadium which average approximately 34,000 fans per game. Armstrong is also very involved in the planning, deployment and coordination of EMS resources covering the Boston Marathon. This year, in addition to providing Marathon EMS coverage for the BC and BU campuses along the route, Armstrong provided 1 ALS ambulance, 4 BLS ambulances and a Field Supervisor as a course wide MCI strike team and provided 2 senior level representatives at the State Multi Agency Coordinating Center at the State Emergency Management Headquarters in Framingham.