Ebola Outbreak in Western Africa - EMS Response Issues

With the growing media coverage about the Ebola outbreak in Western Africa the IAEMSC constituency has increasingly looked for policy and operational guidance. In an effort to satisfy these requests, the leadership has assembled this reference document for your use. It is important to be cognizant that presently this public health crisis is primarily limited to the Western Africa region and is not a direct threat to North America at this time. Nevertheless, given the globalization of the world, air transportation availability, and modern travel capabilities several IAEMSC members have had situations where an individual who had traveled to the region reported similar symptoms and required EMS assistance. As of this writing, there is one CDC confirmed case in the United States (http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/30/health/ebola-us/index.html).
As always we encourage you to have sustained discussions with your medical directors, infectious disease specialists, and health department members as you decide what steps are needed when reviewing this potential issue for your responders. In the mean time we have assembled this reference package to assist you with understanding the issues and provide recommendations on measures to be considered and implemented as needed. This document results from research conducted by IAEMSC members and references published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, HHS ASPR, Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC), New York State DOH, and the NYC Regional Emergency Medical Services Council (REMSCO), Regional Medical Advisory Committee.
I'd like to thank the following personnel for their assistance with getting this reference package completed. They are: Chiefs Paul Maniscalco, Donald Hiett, David Porter, and Scott Cormier, as well as our CAO Theresa Farina for getting a quick turn around on this request. On short deadlines they have assembled an valuable reference for you review and use.
As this situation continues to evolve, just like the issues previously addressed with Influenza Pandemic and the Enterovirus D68, we will attempt to circulate the most accurate and up to date information to support your efforts to effectively manage and lead Emergency Medical Service operations in your jurisdictions.
Click here to download IAEMSC Recommendations for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected Ebola Virus Infection